Tyler Texas Attorney

When it comes to insurance claims, the Texas insurance lawyer at The Flowers Law Firm, P.C. can help you with a wide variety of legal matters including, but not limited to,windstorm claims, hail storm claims, fire insurance claims, smoke damage claims, pipe burst claims, foundation claims, and other related insurance matters. After a fire, hailstorm, plumbing leak, or hurricane, you and your business may sustain significant property damages, business interruption, contents damages, and other related damages. It is important to consult with an experienced Texas insurance claim attorney promptly.

The Firm has handled many different types of Texas insurance claims involving all types of property damage throughout the State of Texas– from El Paso to Beaumont and from Houston and Galveston to Dallas.

Over the years, our Texas insurance claims attorney has successfully litigated bad faith insurance claim cases against some of the largest and oldest insurance companies in the nation so as to ensure that all insurance claims are properly paid.

Donivan Flowers is a licensed attorney authorized to practice law in State courts throughout Texas and has handled numerous insurance claims across the State. Therefore, our insurance claim attorney has the experience and resources available to properly represent victims of bad faith insurance practices and to assist people who are treated unfairly and who are underpaid on their insurance claims, cases or associated legal matters.

Getting the Run Around?

“I’m just getting the run around…”
“My adjuster told me the would cover my damage, but then they didn’t pay me for everything they said they would.”
“My adjuster didn’t even get on the roof then said the damage was due to ‘foot traffic’.”

Some people get great service from their insurance company. But after many years representing insureds in their homeowners insurance claims, we have heard quotes like these more often than not. It is a mistake to simply assume your insurance company will simply do the “right thing” and fully compensate for all covered losses. Texas law requires, and your insurance policy requires, that an insurance company and the adjusters treat you with a duty of “good faith and fair dealing.” Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many times, insurance companies look to protect their own “bottom line” instead of looking out for their insureds as the law requires. Sometimes, adjusters underscope or underpay claims in the hopes that the insurance company will give them more claims to inspect– more claims means more money to the adjuster. If the insurance company and its adjusters only look to protect their own bottom lines, who do you have to protect you?

The insurance claim lawyer in Tyler, Texas at Flowers Law Firm has a track record of protecting and enforcing his clients’ rights. Our Tyler law firm has a proven expertise in handling insurance claim disputes and focuses on assuring that our clients receive the amounts owed for their insurance claim. Call the insurance claim attorney in Tyler, Texas and receive a FREE initial evaluation of your insurance claim and speak to a lawyer about your legal issues. We will help guide you through the Texas insurance claim process.