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“If you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait a minute.”
This old quote carries more than a grain of truth. The changeable nature of the weather in East Texas can be a major cause for concern for homeowners. When a sudden storm strikes, the damage to your roof, ceilings, and walls can be devastating. When insurance carriers refuse to respond to your legitimate claims, you can be left with thousands of dollars in repair bills. A storm damage attorney in Longview can help you deal with insurance companies and their attorneys to get the compensation you deserve.

Wind Damage
When hot and cold air masses collide in the skies of East Texas, the result is often high winds. When high winds strike a neighborhood, the damage can be both unsightly and expensive. Trees, power lines, and light poles can topple onto a house, while windblown projectiles can shatter windows, damage walls, and crack roof shingles. Most homeowners rely on their insurance policies for the funds to cover these repair costs. But, sadly, there are many times that insurance claim adjusters underpay or underscope the damage to a property. A storm damage lawyer in Longview, Texas, can help you determine if your insurance provider has failed to live up to their promises.

Tornado Damage
Another result of the severe weather patterns in East Texas is a tornado. These storms pack winds of up to 200 miles an hour. At this speed, even the smallest pebble or grain of sand can turn into a deadly weapon. These powerful systems often leave complete devastation in their wake, with damages ranging from torn roofs and damaged walls, to total losses and uninhabitable shells. In addition to the damage to the actual property, many people will lose all of their personal property and belongings. If your insurance provider is not following the steps outlined in their policies or if you feel like you’re getting the insurance run-around, a storm damage attorney in Longview, Texas, can help you get back on your feet by going after these multi-billion-dollar corporations.

Water Damage
Heavy rains also usually accompany these powerful storms. Rainfall rates of one to two inches per hour can overwhelm even the strongest roofs. The high volume of water can also seep through into the interior ceilings and walls, which can cause deadly mold, mildew, wood rot, and other structural problems. If left unchecked, water damage can leave a home even more vulnerable to the next storm system that passes through the area. When insurance providers fail to meet their obligations to cover these vital repair costs or use bad faith insurance tactics, a storm damage law firm in Longview, Texas, can help you fight for your rights.

Hail Damage
One of the most devastating effects of these storms comes in the form of hail. Numerous storms in recent years have dropped hail stones measuring an inch or more in diameter, with some reports of hail stones the size of baseballs. These chunks of ice can crack roof shingles, smash windows, and dent exterior walls. With so many hail damage claims in recent years, insurance companies have taken measures to preserve their profits and restrict claims payments. Your storm damage lawyer in Longview, Texas, can help you get what you need to recover from these severe storms.

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