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East Texas is known for its volatile weather. From hail storms to tornadoes, from floods to wind storms, heavy rains and even occasional snowfalls, East Texas residents have seen it all. If you have endured these wild weather conditions, then you know the damage these storms can cause to your biggest investments: your home, your car, or any other significant property.

When these events occur, you rely on your insurance carrier to provide you with the funds to make repairs. However, some insurers may act to protect their own bottom lines by denying or underpaying your legitimate claims. Some insurance companies, sadly, use the claims process as a profit generator for their business. If this has happened to you, you may have no choice other than suing your own insurance company.

The Flowers Law Firm has handled numerous homeowners insurance claim lawsuits. We help residents of Tyler, Texas, as well as those across all of East Texas, understand the process of suing an insurance company to get money that is owed.

We know that the thought of suing an insurance company is not an easy decision. Insurance carriers use their fleets of attorneys and legal personnel to protect their assets. They may offer to settle your insurance claims lawsuit for pennies on the dollar. While this may be a small loss for them, the settlement still leaves you with thousands of dollars in repair bills and minimal legal recourse.

The Flowers Law Firm has extensive experience in suing insurance companies for bad faith. We have established our practice in Tyler, Texas, to ensure that you and other East Texas residents get the representation they need to go up against the billion-dollar insurance companies.

Other insurers may offer you a process they call “appraisal” to settle homeowners insurance claims disputes. This process involves both sides hiring an independent appraiser, and even an umpire, to come to a conclusion as to the amount of the loss. However, appraisal is fraught with peril. For instance, do you really ever know if the insurance company’s designated appraiser is truly “independent” as required by the Policy?

Consider that the insurance companies select their “independent” appraisers who, in turn, rely on the insurers for a steady stream of business. This apparent conflict of interest means that the insurance company appraiser could be more likely to favor the insurance company in your dispute.
Contact The Flowers Law Firm and protect your rights under the legal system. We understand the strategies that insurance carriers and their attorneys use to protect themselves from paying out claims. Our staff will work with you on your homeowners insurance claims lawsuit and strive to make sure you get the compensation you need to get your life back to normal.

If you want to speak with a skilled attorney who has experience with homeowners insurance claims lawsuits and bad faith insurance practices in Tyler, Texas, contact the Flowers Law Firm today. You can call our offices at 903-965-2000, or email us at info@flowers-law.com.