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Your home is your single biggest investment, which is one reason you purchase your homeowners insurance policy. When your home sustains damage due to wind, rain, or hail, you expect your insurance provider to honor its policy and pay out on your claim. You rely on the proceeds from the claim to cover your repair costs.

Unfortunately, not every insurance carrier lives up to their promises. Some carriers use excuses, evasions, and other unethical methods to underpay or deny legitimate claims. When this happens, you need to contact an insurance law office in Carthage that can help you recover the funds you need. The Flowers Law Firm works with Carthage homeowners to bring insurance providers to justice and hold them to their word.

Storm Damage and Insurance Adjusters
After you have filed your claim, you can expect a visit from the insurance company’s adjuster. The adjuster’s job is to examine the extent of the damage, pore over the evidence, and deliver a report to the insurance carrier. These reports determine if, or how much, the insurance carrier will pay on the claim. Remember: the adjuster works for the insurance carrier, not for you, the policy holder. The adjuster may be under pressure to tilt his report in favor of his employer. If an adjuster has under-reported the extent of your damages you should contact a Carthage insurance attorney. The Flowers Law Firm can help you determine if you have grounds for a homeowners insurance lawsuit in Carthage against the carrier.

Insurance Carriers and “Bad Faith” Lawsuits
The basis of every legal contract stems from the assumption that both parties will comply with the terms of the agreement. In other words, each contract assumes that both parties will act in “good faith.” When one party disregards the terms of the contract for their own gain, that party can be found to be acting in “bad faith.” Several insurance carriers have faced numerous “bad faith” lawsuits in recent years, with many of them coming from Texas residents. The Flowers Law Firm can help you with your bad faith insurance lawsuit in Carthage.

Protect Your Rights
Insurance providers bring in billions of dollars in revenues each year. They often use a portion of this revenue to hire teams of attorneys to protect their assets. These attorneys can use every legal method available to them to prevent policy holders from fighting the insurance carriers’ decisions. The Flowers Law Firm provides legal advice for Carthage homeowners who are ready to fight for their rights and refuse to be intimidated by these billion-dollar corporations.

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