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Palestine and surrounding East Texas cities often see more than their fair share of extreme weather. From tornadoes and hail storms to heavy rains and ice storms, Palestine residents have seen it all, and so have their homes. Insurance companies are also aware of the severe weather that strikes in Palestine and other East Texas towns, which is why they may take measures to deny, delay, or underpay storm damage insurance claims.

The Flowers Law Firm serves Palestine, Texas, residents as an experienced lawyer for insurance claims cases. Our staff has helped numerous homeowners force their insurers to fulfill their obligations on legitimate claims. Let us put our experience as a storm damage claim law firm to work for you. We will seek the full and fair compensation you deserve receive under the terms specified in your homeowners insurance policy.

“Bad Faith” and Insurance
When you pay insurance premiums, you expect that the insurance company will treat you fairly when you need to file a legitimate claim. Sadly, some insurance companies treat their policy holders less like customers and more like the enemy when that policy holder files a claim. Companies who refuse to follow the terms of their own policies are “acting in bad faith.” When this happens, The Flowers Law Firm works with Palestine, Texas, residents as their bad faith insurance lawyer to hold these companies accountable to their customers.

Insurance Adjusters: Whose Side Are They On?
After a storm, the insurance company will send an adjuster to assess the damage. Despite any reassurances they may give you, you must understand that adjusters work for the insurance company. Adjusters often receive orders from their employers to deny claims or offer lower-than-normal repair estimates, with the hopes that the customer will accept the assessment while they protect their profit margins. If you feel that an adjuster is acting unfairly, a home insurance claim attorney in Palestine, Texas, can help. The Flowers Law Firm can help you through the process of filing a lawsuit against the provider and getting you the money owed to you.

Get the Help You Need
Insurance companies bring in billions of dollars every year. They employ teams of attorneys to help them protect their bottom lines. These attorneys will use every tactic available to them to keep policy holders from collecting on their claims. In this environment, you need a storm damage claim lawyer who understands these tactics. The Flowers Law Firm has worked on numerous homeowners insurance claims lawsuits, so we can anticipate these moves and develop strategies to combat them on your behalf.

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If you need a lawyer for your denied insurance claim in Palestine, Texas, contact The Flowers Law Firm. Our staff has the expertise you need, with the commitment to serving our clients you deserve. You can schedule a consultation session by phone or email. We will be happy to discuss the details of your case and determine how we can help you.