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If you are a homeowner in Sulphur Springs, you understand that severe weather can strike at any moment. Blue skies can turn gray, and beautiful white clouds can become menacing thunderheads in a matter of minutes. These storms often bring high winds, heavy rains, tornadoes, and hail stones. When these storms strike, you rely on your insurance policy to cover the costs of your much-needed repairs.

Unfortunately, some insurance carriers make it a business practice to deny or underpay legitimate claims. When this happens, you need an insurance claims attorney in Sulphur Springs who is well acquainted with the excuses that insurance carriers use to deny you of your rightful claim. The Flowers Law Firm is here to help storm damage victims in Sulphur Springs, as well as those across the rest of East Texas, to help them get the justice they deserve.

How insurers deny claims
Many insurers will find ways to deny or underpay claims. They may direct insurance adjusters – who work for the carrier and not for the policy holder – to ignore or minimize some damages that could prove costly. The adjuster’s report may include remarks about how the roof was “not properly maintained”, or that some damage came from causes other than the storm. When insurance carriers and their adjusters seek to deny your claims, the Sulphur Springs insurance claims lawyer at The Flowers Law Firm can help.

Take the money and run
In cases where the insurer doesn’t directly deny the claim, they may seek ways to underpay it. The report may also claim that a minimal repair job would be sufficient to cover the costs of the damage. They may also offer a claim check for pennies on the dollar in terms of damages, then tell you to “take it or leave it.” While the temptation to take any offer after a devastating storm is a strong one, a consultation with the Sulphur Springs insurance claims attorney at The Flowers Law Firm can show you that you have more options available.

Protecting the bottom line
As with any business, insurance companies are in the business of making a profit. When insurers are faced with numerous expensive claims, they face a significant hit to their bottom lines. In such cases, the insurers would rather risk ignoring the promises they made in their policies (also known as “acting in bad faith”) than meet their obligations and pay the claim. The Flowers Law Firm can work with you as your Sulphur Springs “bad faith” lawyer against the insurance companies and these unethical practices.

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The billion-dollar insurance companies have armies of attorneys ready to protect their profits and deny your claims. The committed professionals at The Flowers Law Firm can work with you as your Sulphur Springs insurance claims attorney to fight these uphill battles and get you the compensation you deserve. Call or email us today to set up a consultation session.