Tyler Texas Attorney

For every problem, there is a solution.

After many years working as a Texas attorney, Donivan Flowers took the opportunity to obtain certification as a Texas mediator. To do this requires an exhaustive training course led by several highly esteemed Texas mediation professionals. The training included “hands on” practice skills and guided education about the history and purpose of dispute resolution.

When it comes to conflict resolution, we believe that the first step of any mediation is to open the lines of communication. Many times, particularly in family law cases or business disputes, the lines of communication are significantly diminished or even nonexistent. As a mediator, our job is to allow each of the parties to open up about what they want and to have an open and honest evaluation about the risks and benefits of resolving a dispute.

As a mediator, I provide a confidential atmosphere for the parties to vent, evaluate, and make decisions. I truly believe that there is a solution to every problem as long as everyone takes an honest look at a dispute. A good mediator helps the parties achieve this goal.

Donivan Flowers offers full, half-day, and even partial day mediation. I will be glad to serve to help resolve many types of matters, including personal injury claims, business disputes, construction defect claims, insurance claims, divorce matters and family law issues.