Tyler Texas Attorney

When our client was injured by a negligent driver, she turned to the Flowers Law Firm for help. In early 2017, while she was walking through a crosswalk in downtown Tyler, our client was struck by a vehicle making an unsafe, improper left turn. Because of the driver’s inattention and failure to yield, our client suffered significant injuries that required months of medical treatment.

Initially, the driver of the truck tried to deny that he did anything wrong and was trying to claim that the pedestrian jumped out in front of him. The Flowers Law firm worked to hard to investigate our client’s claim, piecing together significant evidence that highlighted the negligence of the defendant. We sought out security footage, interviewed witnesses, and pieced together the truth: the driver was not paying attention. In this case, our client suffered life altering injuries as a result of someone else’s carelessness. In addition to sustaining a concussion, there were significant injuries to her shoulder and back. Through consistent treatment, our client was able to improve her physical condition and get back to life as normal.

Once we completed our investigation, the Flowers Law firm sent a demand to the insurance company seeking payment of the driver’s policy limits. The insurance company considered the facts and the injuries and ultimately paid the full policy limits to settle the claim. This amount provided for payment of our client’s medical bills, in addition to compensating her for her pain and suffering.

We were glad to have been able to obtain a settlement that made her whole, without the expense of filing suit.