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Rollover Accidents

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High speed T-Bone collisions can be violent enough to send the victim’s car toppling, side-over-side, upon impact. Known as a rollover accident, not only are these collisions incredibly dangerous and cause massive physical injuries, but drivers involved often report emotional trauma afterwards as well. To be compensated for their injuries – no matter in what form they might exist – victims of rollovers often need to pursue justice with a professional personal injury lawyer on their side.

Injuries often associated with rollover accidents include:

  • Paralysis (spinal cord injury)
  • Brain injury
  • Broken bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Emotional distress

If you are suffering in anyway after a rollover accident,
you should contact our Tyler car accident attorney.

Intelligent Legal Counsel

At The Flowers Law Firm, PC, we pride ourselves in how we treat our clients’ cases as if they were our own, and how we view our clients as close friends. We know that you are relying on us for honest and powerful representation. By focusing on your best interests and examining your claim up and down, we hope to maximize your chances at winning the greatest compensation as possible.

You may be able to collect compensation that helps you pay for:

  • Initial medical treatments
  • Ongoing rehabilitation programs
  • Vehicle repair or replacement
  • Lost wages

We can also seek nominal damages, which would reward you monies for your emotional scarring. If gross negligence was involved – such as cases involving a distracted driver who was texting behind the wheel when they crashed into you – we can pursue punitive damages as well. If successful, you will be able to collect a sum to punish the reckless driver for their behavior.

Begin with No Risk to You

You are surely at a crossroads after being involved in a devastating car accident that tossed your vehicle over. You will have multiple choices to make and a few legal avenues to explore. To encourage a stress-free decision, we offer free initial consultations with our Tyler car accident attorney. With our help, you can discover your legal options and choose what opportunity seems best for you and your unique situation.

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