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Texting While Driving Accidents in East Texas

Our Tyler Car Accident Can Help

Texting while driving is a dangerous habit that has cost the lives of many individuals. A simple text or even a phone call can lead to devastating accidents. What makes it harder for victims is the fact that their accident and injuries could have been prevented, had the other driver exercised greater caution and care. If you have been injured by a negligent driver who was texting while driving, then consult an attorney at The Flowers Law Firm P.C. to learn more about how you can hold the negligent party financially and legally responsible.

What Damages Can I Recover?

As a car accident victim, you may be able to receive compensation for all expenses stemming from your injuries. These can include economic and non-economic costs, as well as present and future expenses. To come up with an accurate picture of what your projected costs are, we can consult experts in medicine, accounting, and economics to help you identify the difficulties you are expected to face in the future.

We may be able to help you recover costs for:

  • Medical treatment, past and future
  • Lost earnings, past and future
  • Disabilities
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages

You have legal options, so learn more about them by calling our office today. We can review the details of your injuries and explain to you what your next steps could be. Our firm can walk you through the entire claims process so you never feel alone. We’ll provide you with regular updates and are always available to answer your questions whenever you need us. This level of client-centered counsel has earned us a reputation as being one of the most trusted names in personal injury representation here in Texas.

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