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Injured in a crash on a city bus or charter bus in East Texas?

If you or your loved one has been injured in a bus accident, consult our East Texas bus accident lawyer. Bus accidents represent a unique part of personal injury law. Not all attorneys are equipped to go up against large commercial bus companies, which are sometimes backed by the government or powerful legal teams. But we at The Flowers Law Firm P.C. have extensive experience tackling major bus accidents and going up against some of the largest bus companies. We have gained an in-depth knowledge of bus accident claims and effective strategies to help our clients recover compensation.

We can represent victims who have been injured in bus accidents involving:

  • Shuttle buses
  • School buses
  • Public buses
  • Motor coach buses

Importance of working with a lawyer

Bus accident claims are typically very complicated, and require extensive investigations in order to prove negligence was a contributing factor. At our firm, we have access to a team of investigators and accident reconstruction specialists who can help to build your claim. Whether the driver was negligent or a malfunctioning part was involved in the claim, these experts can find the answers for us.

Bus companies are also represented by intimidating insurance companies and their legal teams, who try to make the process difficult for victims. Their goal is never to compensate you fairly, even if liability is clearly established. Our East Texas bus crash attorney knows how adjustors approach a case and exactly how to deal with insurance defense teams. We start out aggressively negotiating for the best possible recovery, but we are not afraid to take their teams to court if they refuse to play fair. You can trust our accomplished trial lawyer to effectively protect your interests inside and outside of court.

If you would like to learn more about your bus accident claim and we can do to help, just call (903) 965-2000.