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For someone suffering from domestic abuse, fear can often be a strong motivator. Victims of domestic violence know what their spouse is capable of, and often stay in a relationship due to fear of further abuse or reprisal.

However, it is possible for victims of domestic violence to break this cycle and begin the divorce process while also gaining official protection from the court. This can be done through what is known as a protective order.

A protective order is a court order that prohibits the abusive spouse from intimidating, stalking or threatening their spouse or ex-spouse and, if necessary, children or other family members. Seeking a protective order is a complicated legal proceeding, and it is advisable that you contact an attorney, law enforcement, or a victims’ advocacy group to discuss filing a protective order with the court. A Tyler family law firm can guide you through these proceedings.

If the protective order is a part of a divorce, it must be filed in the same county the divorce proceedings are filed in. A Tyler divorce attorney can also help you file for a temporary ex parte protective order before serving your spouse with divorce papers in order to ensure your safety throughout the divorce process.

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