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Some men have expressed concerns about the way their ex-spouse spends their child support payments. They assume that, if they’re making monthly payments to the ex-spouse, they should have some say in how that money gets spent. They may consult with a Tyler divorce lawyer to see if there is any provision in the Texas Family Code that limits what child support payments can be spent on.

The answer to that question is no, for several reasons. Despite what those making child support payments may think, their ex is typically using the monthly payments to buy groceries, purchasing school clothes, making payments on a house and a car, or otherwise spending the money to benefit the children in some way, either directly or indirectly.

The list of potential expenditures that are in the interest of the children is long, and it would be difficult for the state to restrict the usage of these payments without inadvertently depriving someone of something they need. By this same logic, Texas courts are very hesitant to micromanage the way someone spends the money they receive through child support payments. These actions would be an administrative and logistical nightmare for the courts, and could be seen as invasive.

To account for this, the practical usage of child support payments is pretty broadly encompassing, and as the kids grow up, their needs will change and grow, using the money they receive through child support for a variety of different purposes. However, parents are free to agree to creative ways of making sure child support payments directly benefit the children, such as having a portion of child support go directly to a child’s private school for education payments.

A qualified and experienced family law attorney in Tyler can help put you at ease and come up with creative solutions to benefit your children.

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