What Happens if I am Convicted of a DWI?

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What are the Consequences of a DWI Conviction in Texas? What Happens if I am Convicted of a DWI?

In recent years, the Texas Department of Transportation has unveiled its “Drink. Drive. Go to Jail” campaign to ensure that all of us are aware of the potential consequences associated with drunk driving. I’m sure you have seen the ads. They’re along the highway, on the radio, and even atop gas station pumps. But what they don’t tell you is that fines and jail time are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and that having a DWI conviction on your record can affect every aspect of your life.

According to the Texas Penal Code, an adult convicted of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs faces a fine up to $2,000, as well as jail time between 3 and 180 days. Additionally, a DWI conviction can result in your driver’s license being suspended for two years, and an annual surcharge being assessed even if you are able to keep your license. If you are convicted of a second DWI, or if your blood alcohol content is found to be greater than 0.15 at the time of your arrest, the offense will be elevated to a Class A misdemeanor, and you will face even larger fines and considerable jail time. A third DUI conviction will be classified as a felony.

Obviously, the legal consequences of a DWI conviction are severe, but they are nothing compared to the ramifications outside of a court of law. Having a DWI conviction on your record will make it difficult for you to obtain gainful employment, particularly if your occupation requires you to operate a motor vehicle. Additionally, a DWI conviction can preclude you from many government jobs, and limit your ability to receive scholarships and grants if you are seeking to further your education. A DWI conviction will also raise your insurance premiums, and could potentially lead to your being dropped by your insurance provider altogether.

Driving while intoxicated is a serious charge, with serious repercussions. A DWI conviction will make your life exponentially more difficult for years to come. The best way to avoid these difficulties is to avoid the conviction in the first place, and to retain an experienced DWI trial lawyer to defend your rights.

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