What Happens After I Get My Occupational Drivers License?

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What do I do after the Judge grants my Occupational Driver’s License?

Once the court issues an order granting your occupational driver’s license, that signed order only allows you to drive for 45 days without getting a formal occupational license card. During these 45 days, you will have to drive in accordance with the rules spelled out in the order. Rules may include geographical restrictions on where you can drive, time limitations on when and how long you can drive, or a requirement to keep a log book.

Before the 45 day period expires, you will need to send information regarding your ODL order to the Texas Department of Public Safety. If possible, you should send the required paperwork through certified mail. Once DPS reviews and approves of your paperwork, they will send you an actual occupational driver license card.

In some cases, there are additional steps drivers need to take. For instance, if your license was suspended for more than two years before receiving your ODL, you will have to retest with the DPS before you can get your ODL card. So, the sooner you can submit your paperwork to the DPS, the better.

What can I do with my Occupational Driver’s License?

You can drive with restrictions placed by the Judge. Generally, your ODL places an hourly restriction on how much you can drive in a given day. Twelve hours is the most time a Judge can possibly grant in an ODL. In some cases, the ODL will also have a geographic restriction limiting where you can drive. The restriction can be broad to include the entire state, or it could be narrow to include only routes to/from work or school. The court will likely want to keep track of how you use your ODL, so there will likely be a logbook requirement. This means that when you drive with your occupational driver’s license, you have to keep track of and record where you go, when, and why you had to go there.

In summary, once the Judge signs the occupational license, you must comply with all requirements set by the judge. Since the judge’s order can only be used as the license for 45 days, you must also promptly submit your paperwork to the Department of Public Safety to get the permanent ODL card. Any violation of the judge’s order or the terms of the ODL will subject you to loss of driving privileges as well as potential fines and fees.

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