Summer 2017 Case Results

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Periodically, we like to post about some of our case results and about some of our trial experiences that we have gone through with our clients. Whether it is a family law or custody case in Tyler, a car wreck case in Longview or Lufkin, or traffic tickets in and around Smith County, this Summer we have seen some great results.

Divorce with Children – The Husband Got a Girlfriend

Our client came to us to help her with her divorce. Her husband had a new girlfriend and our client did not want this new girlfriend staying at his home overnight when the kids were present. The Flowers Law Firm sought and received temporary orders prohibiting any girlfriends from staying over in the residence after 8 pm. After a contested hearing on the “no shack-up” clause, everybody worked together to make the separation and divorce as amicable as possible. We were able to work with him to calculate child support, agree to a scheduling plan, and sign the final divorce decree while avoiding racking up large legal bills. Both spouses were able to go their separate ways while successfully planning a way to continue co-parenting their children.

Cause No: SC17-0066JP2 – Defending Small Business Owner

Our client was sued by a former employer in small claims court for alleged breach of a covenant not to compete. The problem, though, was that there was no written and signed agreement to not compete. Our client had recently started his own business, and in an attempt to shut him down, his old employer filed a lawsuit claiming damages in excess of $10,000. After meeting with our client, we determined that his ex-employer never had him sign any sort of non-compete agreement which is required in Texas. We filed motions with the court asking for the case to be dismissed on the grounds that the plaintiff could not prove his case. On the day before the hearing on the motion, the ex-employer dismissed the case against our client. Here, we were able to save our client the expense of litigation while successfully defending his small business.

Car Wreck in San Antonio – The Defendant Lied

Our clients were hit by a wrong-way driver in San Antonio. As a result, the husband and wife both had significant injuries that required hospitalization as well as extended treatments on their backs and shoulders. Unbelievably, the at-fault driver claimed he did not cause the wreck, and his insurance company tried to blame our clients for causing the wreck. So, we filed a lawsuit. Once we were able to speak with the lawyer handling the file and show that his client was driving the wrong way on a one way street, the attorney was able to pay the policy limits to settle the claims of our clients. The adjuster has yet to apologize…

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