When Do I Need an Insurance Lawyer?

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Insurance is a necessity. Texas law requires all drivers to possess automobile insurance. Anyone who obtains a loan to purchase a home or property will need homeowner’s insurance. Many apartment complexes require renter’s insurance. So, it is not uncommon for Texans to have to file several insurance claims throughout their adult lives. Sometimes, insurance claims are handled promptly and without incident. However, when the claims handling process does not go smoothly, it is important to know when to hire an insurance lawyer.

What is an Insurance Lawyer?

An insurance lawyer is someone who has experience with “first party insurance claims”. A first-party insurance claim is the type where the owner of the policy (the homeowner or the auto owner) files a claim on their own insurance policy. These are special types of insurance claims and are significantly different than any other type of insurance claim. An experience insurance attorney will have special knowledge of certain issues that only arise in the first party context, such as appraisal demands, obligations under the insurance code, time limits that apply to the claims process, examinations under oath, and many others.

When Do I Need an Insurance Lawyer?

If you are unsure of what your rights are in the insurance claim process or if you feel that you are getting the “run around” from the insurance company, it is wise to reach out to an experienced insurance lawyer. At some point during the insurance claim process, many people begin to get frustrated because of the time involved, the lack of communication, or the answers they receive to questions. If this feeling arises, it is important to reach out to an insurance lawyer immediately. The longer a person waits, the worse those feelings can get and an insurance lawyer can help alleviate some concerns or can help provide ways to avoid further frustration.

Unfortunately, there are many times that a lawsuit is required. Either the insurance company has ignored requests for a supplemental payment, has refused to consider elements of damage, or has completely underpaid and undervalued an insurance claim. You have two choices: (1) let the insurance company get away with it, or (2) stand up for yourself.

The experienced East Texas insurance lawyer with The Flowers Law Firm, PC has handled insurance claims across the State of Texas – including El Paso, Tyler, Denton, Dallas, Houston, Galveston, Beaumont, and all over East Texas. We have handled hail claims, roof damage claims, hurricane claims, theft claims, fire claims, pipe damage and flood claims, uninsured motorist claims and others. If you find yourself needing a consultation to learn your rights in a given insurance claim, call the Tyler insurance lawyer at The Flowers Law Firm, PC.

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