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Preparing Your Home For an Insurance Claim
One of the reasons most commonly used by an insurance company to deny a homeowner’s insurance claim is that the damage claimed was caused by “deferred maintenance” and not from the actual storm. “Deferred maintenance” is insurance adjuster parlance and basically infers that the home was not properly maintained.

House Fire Insurance Claims Leads to $60M Lawsuit
It is not uncommon for an unfortunate house fire to lead to a fire insurance claim. Every Thanksgiving, warnings are given about fried turkeys and the potential for fire damage. When it gets cold in Texas, there are always quite a few house fires caused by space heaters. House fires can be caused by lightning or even kitchen accidents.

Hail Storms Pummel North Texas
On April 3, 2014, a massive storm cell pushed its way through North Texas and moved its way East causing extreme damage. In places like Denton, Frisco, and Farmersville, there were reports of softball and golf ball sized hail. Tornados also were tracked in places like Mt. Vernon and Sulphur Springs. Facebook and Twitter lit up with photos and video of the hail storms, ominous clouds, and the wreckage they left behind.

When Do I Need an Insurance Lawyer?

Insurance is a necessity. Texas law requires all drivers to possess automobile insurance. Anyone who obtains a loan to purchase a home or property will need homeowner’s insurance. Many apartment complexes require renter’s insurance.