Am I Eligible for Defensive Driving?

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If you receive a traffic citation, you may be able to clear that citation from your record by taking defensive driving. However, not every driver is eligible to take a defensive driving course. Additionally, not all traffic court prosecutors are willing to offer this deal to every driver.

In order to be eligible for defensive driving, a driver must:

  1. Possess a valid Texas Driver’s License,

  2. Show proof of valid auto liability insurance which was active at the time of the citation,

  3. Plead guilty or no contest to the traffic citation, and

  4. Not have taken defensive driving within the past twelve months.

If you meet these requirements and if the prosecutor permits this option based upon your traffic ticket and circumstances, you will then plead “no contest” to the ticket. The court will charge you court costs and give you instructions on when and how to complete defensive driving.

What if I have a Commercial Driver’s License?

Unfortunately, Texas does not allow drivers with a Commercial Driver’s Licenses (a “CDL”) to take defensive driving in order to clear their driving record. If you have a CDL, a traffic ticket attorney may be able to help you keep your citation off your record through means other than defensive driving.

How do I complete Defensive Driving?

Most defensive driving courses are online. These online course require you to watch several hours of instruction videos. These videos are usually followed by a quiz. The quiz questions are used to make sure the viewer is actually paying attention. So, the questions may ask about something completely unrelated to driving such as the instructor’s tie color. Once you complete all the videos and quizzes, you need to have the driving school send you proof of completion to your address. Do not send the proof directly from the class to the court. Once you get your paperwork from the defensive driving program, you need to take or mail that paperwork along with your driver’s record to the court listed on your citation in order to get the citation removed from your record.

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